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Singapore-Malaysia border dispute

10 December 2018

Singapore Democrats

Singapore-Malaysia borderSingapore's sovereignty cannot and must not be compromised by anyone and in any form. The current dispute with Malaysia presents a situation where we must be resolute in the defence of our sovereignty.

The paramount objective must be to protect the well-being of our people. To this end, we must pursue every avenue to resolve the matter through dialogue and diplomacy. Our survival as a nation is de ... Read more »

Singapore needs bold, visionary leadership to face future but Heng provides none

26 November 2018

Singapore Democrats

Mr Heng Swee Keat's appointment as the PAP's 1st Assistant Secretary-General and likely choice as the next Prime Minister has not come as a surprise. He has been mentioned repeatedly as one of the candidates for the PM post.

The question that Singaporeans are concerned about is not who becomes the next PM but rather what he will do for the country.

Singapore's futu ... Read more »

Stop crackdown on alternative online news sites and return TOC equipment

23 November 2018

Singapore Democrats

The police action against The Online Citizen (TOC) and the seizure of Mr Terry Xu's equipment is yet another demonstration of a government that is totally out-of-sync with a maturing population.

If the authorities deem the report on the TOC website to be untrue, then it should provide its account of the matter. The tactic of ordering the police to visit the publisher's home to raid and con ... Read more »

Mr Goh should not mischaracterise what happened at Williams College

16 November 2018

Singapore Democrats

ESM Goh Chok Tong has said that I had gone to Williams College where he was awarded an honorary degree in 1995 to “slam” Singapore. Allow me to set the record straight.

Williams College faculty members, headed by a Prof George Crane, had protested against the decision. New York Times columnist, William Safire (deceased), also criticised the College's decision to a ... Read more »

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