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SDP proposes unity candidate with WP

Added on: Friday 11 January 2013
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Singapore Democrats

The WP has not replied to SDP's invitation to discuss our parties' participation in the Punggol East by-election. We are disappointed that we were unable to get together with WP.

Nonetheless, we have not given up the effort of finding a solution to field a single opposition candidate to contest in the by-election and we will continue to work towards this end.

In the spirit of compromise and cooperation, we would like to propose that our two parties run a joint campaign and field one candidate from the SDP. If victorious, the SDP candidate will enter Parliament and the WP will run the Punggol East Town Council.

This would be a win-win-win situation. A successful unity candidate would mean another seat in Parliament for the opposition. It would lay the ground for bigger opposition representation in the next general elections, signaling a big win for the people of Singapore.

It would also be a win for the WP which would have added clout in their Town Council management and access to the Punggol East grassroots network. 

Thirdly, the SDP would be seated in Parliament and we will be able to table and debate the Government on our alternative policies. 

We hope to meet with the WP to discuss this proposal and see if we can come to an agreement. Dr Chee Soon Juan has sent WP Secretary-General Mr Low Thia Khiang the proposal and sought a meeting with him tomorrow, 12 January 2013.

For the sake of our supporters who do not want to see the SDP and WP go head-to-head in a 3-cornered fight against the PAP; we need to find a solution to this problem. This proposal is the answer. 

We assure our supporters that we will explore every possibility to avoid a 3-corner fight. But in any arrangement between two parties there must be give and take on both sides. We hope that the WP will meet us half-way.

The SDP has our strengths and the WP has its strengths. We need to leverage on our positives to serve the people. We need to focus on what we have in common rather than our differences.

For the sake of Singaporeans, the SDP is willing to compromise and work together with the WP to achieve our ultimate objective of defeating the PAP candidate Dr Koh Poh Koon and bring Singapore one step closer to democracy.

If this is the result of our cooperation, our nation would achieve a historic breakthrough to a deeper and more effective politics in the service of our people.

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