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Singapore - A Guided Democracy

30 March 2002

Singapore Elections 2001

Reporting for the Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia

On 3 November 2001 the Singapore Government, controlled by the People's Action Party (PAP), was returned to office. In effect, however, the government had been returned on 23 October, the day of nomination. Of the 84 seats for election 55 were filled by PAP members as they were the only nominees. 29 remaining seats were contested, 27 being won by the PAP and two by opposition parties.

To use the Sunday Times headline the opposition were "well and truly trounc ... Read more »

Where's that darn Asian country?

28 March 2002

The headline screamed 'Survey Shows Singapore Offers Best Quality of Life in Asia.' With a crippling recession throwing tens of thousands out of the job market, could this be someone's idea of a bad joke?

A closer reading of the report brought things into perspective. The participants in the survey, comprising of expatriates living all across Asia, were asked to rank the Asian country that offered them the best quality of life. The survey was conducted by the Political and Economic ... Read more »

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