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Spirit of parliamentary elections must be respected

09 April 2018

Singapore Democrats

In his judgement rendered today, High Court Judge Chua Lee Ming said that a by-election cannot be held unless the remaining MPs in the GRC vacate their seats.

During the hearing on 22 January 2018, Justice Chua asked repeatedly of counsel Mr Peter Low where Article 49(1) of the Singapore Constitution says that the remaining MPs in a GRC must resign to trigger a by-election if one of the seats i ... Read more »

PAP does not need to purposely let opposition grow, just respect constitution

06 April 2018

Singapore Democrats

PM Lee Hsien Loong says that it is not wise for the PAP to “purposely” let the opposition grow. This disingenuous statement must be called out.

To be absolutely clear, the opposition, in the form of the Barisan Sosialis (BS), was strong and had the support of Singaporeans. ... Read more »

SDP seeks meeting with Facebook

29 March 2018

Singapore Democrats

29 March 2018

Ms Sandhya Devanathan
Singapore Country Director


Mr Simon Milner
Vice-President of Public Policy for
Asia Pacific


Dear Ms Devanathan and Mr ... Read more »

PAP intensifies oppressive laws as Singaporeans see its governance deteriorate

26 March 2018

Singapore Democrats

The recent series of changes or planned changes to the law to curtail the basic fundamental rights of Singaporeans is of great concern to the SDP.

The first is the amendment to the Films Act which gives even greater powers to the Infocommunications Media Development Authority (IMDA) to ent ... Read more »

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