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SDP questioned the HSR-1MDB deal in 2016; PAP must be held accountable too

06 June 2018

Singapore Democrats

In July 2016, the SDP questioned the agreement between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur over the high speed rail (HSR) and said that the project was "troubling". (See  ... Read more »

Careshield: Stop making public healthcare a profit-making business

01 June 2018

Singapore Democrats

The government's introduction of the Careshield Life medical insurance scheme will deepen the financial woes of Singaporeans while fatten state coffers.

The scheme will compulsorily deduct from  Singaporeans' CPF accounts to pay for the premiums starting at age 30. The scheme will replace the current Eldershield programme which allows people to opt out and payme ... Read more »

SDP will continue to work towards common opposition platform

25 May 2018

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will continue our work of presenting voters with a united and competent opposition platform. Such a measure will boost Singaporeans' confidence in the opposition.

The victory of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) in Malaysia has brought renewed hope for democracy in Singapore with Singaporeans calling for the opposition here to also form a united team for the next elections.

But wh ... Read more »

No need for another dialogue exercise, just keep promises from the last one

23 May 2018

Singapore Democrats

Mr Heng Swee Keat has announced that the so-called 4G leaders will embark on a series of dialogue sessions with Singaporeans to chart the future.

“We will consider all views with an open mind, and adjust our course accordingly," he said, "We will bring S ... Read more »

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