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PAP feeling pressure from SDP: NTUC announces price-freeze

19 March 2019

Singapore Democrats

Three days after the SDP launched our policy on tempering the cost of living in Singapore, the NTUC announces that it will freeze prices for 50 household products and reduce them for another 50 items from now until 30 June 2020.

This is the clearest sign yet that the PAP is feeling the heat of the SDP's policy where we proposed 10 measures to lower the cost of living for Singapo ... Read more »

SDP launches 10-point plan to lower cost of living

16 March 2019

Singapore Democrats

As one of the most, if not the most, expensive cities in the world, the rising cost of living in Singapore is a central concern for the people.

This was the SDP's focus in this afternoon's launch of our policy A Better Life For All: Lowering the Cost of Living In Singapore.

Despite PM Lee Hsien Loong's to “work with you to solve problems like the cost of living” du ... Read more »

Here's how we can lower the cost of living: SDP's policy launch

07 March 2019

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will propose concrete ways on how to keep the cost of living down for Singaporeans. This will take place in a major policy announcement which will be unveiled next Saturday, 16 March.

The rising cost of living is a major concern for Singaporeans. Already one of the most expensive cities in the world, the PAP has recently piled on the misery for the people by raising, or proposing to ... Read more »

Ong Ye Kung adopts SDP's proposal to abolish streaming

05 March 2019

Singapore Democrats

In announcing that the Education Ministry will abandon streaming by 2024, Mr Ong Ye Kung has shown that the PAP is following the SDP's lead again.

In our policy proposal Educating for Creativity and Equality: An Agenda for Transformation, the SDP wrote:

“Therefore under the SDP’s education plan, the PSLE will be removed and students entering secondary s ... Read more »

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