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Is sorry such a hard word for the PAP to say?

09 March 2016

Singapore Democrats

After having met with Dominique Lee's mother at her request, the SDP is of the view that the case must be reviewed particularly in regards to the Government Proceedings Act (GPA).

According to media reports, the High Court ruled against Dominique's family, citing Section 14 of the Act that “Nothing done or omitted to be done by a member of the forces while on duty as such shall subjec... Read more »

Mr Lim's contradiction of Minister's statement a serious matter

03 March 2016

Singapore Democrats

The SDP notes with concern the discrepancy between the accounts of Acting Minister for Education Ng Chee Meng and Benjamin Lim's family regarding the telephone call between the school and Benjamin's mother.

The Straits Times... Read more »

SDP parents-CEC members call for Inquiry into Benjamin Lim's case

03 March 2016

Singapore Democrats

As parents of school-going children, we have been following Benjamin Lim's case very closely. What happened to Benjamin is tragic. There are many answers the Ministry of Education owes to parents regarding the issue.

First, shouldn't schools be the safest place for our children to be in when they are away from home? Why did the school hand over one of its students to the police without his par... Read more »

Shanmugam should not blame others for his own tardy actions on Benjamin's case

02 March 2016

Singapore Democrats

It is unfortunate that Minister for Law K Shanmugam has blamed The Online Citizen and the Law Society for the Benjamin Lim saga.

Benjamin committed suicide on 26 January 2016. Did it have to take five full weeks for the Minister to address the issue? Contrast this to another case where a 4-year-old boy had fallen through a grille-less open window to his death. This happened on 6 October 2015.... Read more »

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