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SDP calls for COI on lift mishaps in light of latest E M Services investigation

15 July 2016

Singapore Democrats

It has transpired that a few companies are being investigated for refusing to supply spare parts to lift repair and maintenance contractors because of anti-competitor practices.

One of these companies is E M Services, a property-management company that manages nine PAP-run Town Councils. E M Services is also a lift supplier as well as maintenance contractor.

According ... Read more »

Govt must answer questions about defective trains sent back to China

05 July 2016

Singapore Democrats

The revelation today that the Government has shipped defective MRT trains back to China has raised serious questions about the PAP's effort to ensure the safety of commuters.

Our train system has been plagued by breakdowns and malfunctions in recent yea... Read more »

Unconscionable for PAP to increase revenue collection at a time of hardship

01 July 2016

Singapore Democrats

The recent increase in car-parking fees is wholly unjustified especially at a time when Singaporeans are hurting from a weak economy.

The quantum of the increases – by 20% for short-term parking and 27% for season parking – are also inordinately high. They add significantly to the already hefty living expenses with which Singaporeans have to bear.

Such a step shows th... Read more »

MND and Town Councils must explain why they took so long to act on lift problems

27 June 2016

Singapore Democrats

The government announced last week that it would set up a “tighter lift maintenance regime” to be in place by July. It is reported that some town councils “are taking no chances” and have stepped up measures to ensure lift safety, including having more checks on the quality of maintenan... Read more »

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