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Non-transparency over hep C outbreak extremely serious

08 October 2015

Singapore Democrats

The SDP sends our condolences to the bereaved families of those who died from the recent Hepatitis C outbreak at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) as well as to those who are infected by this serious viral infection.... Read more »

SDP writes to SPC about forum

28 September 2015

Singapore Democrats

Mr Patrick Daniel
Singapore Press Club


Singapore Press Holdings

Dear sir,

The SDP wrote to you on two occasions (2 December 2014 and 12 December 2014) regarding the possibility of my addressi... Read more »

SDP's GE2015 message: Thank You, Singaporeans

16 September 2015

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidates thank voters for their support in GE2015.

A PAP fall out

08 September 2015

Paul Tambyah - A PAP fall out

In 2011, out of the blue came this professor standing on the SDP stage to speak to the crowd at Raffles Place. Everyone was wondering where he came from. Today, in the same spot, in the same SDP stage, Paul Tambyah has returned... Read more »

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