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Paul Tambyah elected new chairman of SDP

26 September 2017

Singapore Democrats

Prof Paul Tambyah was elected party Chairman at the SDP's 18th Ordinary Party Conference held over the weekend. A medical specialist, Prof Tambyah comes into the position with strong support of party cadres.

Outgoing Chairperson Wong Souk Yee completed her term as Chairman and supported Prof Tambyah's taking up the position. “I'm proud to support Paul's chairmanship and I'm su ... Read more »

Khaw's admission is indication that PAP's infrastructural projects are often carried out to win votes

19 September 2017

Singapore Democrats

Minister of Transport Khaw Boon Wan's admission last week that the government had built the Bukit Panjang Light Rail System (BPLRT) as an “afterthought” and “under political pressure” was unsurprising.

Mr Khaw's statement has laid bare the issue that the SDP has b ... Read more »

Help us stop the PAP's abuse of power; donate to SDP's legal fund

14 September 2017

Singapore Democrats

It is bad enough that the PAP has reserved the Presidential Election and that Mdm Halimah Yacob has become the President without a contest.

At the same time, Mdm Halimah has left the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC short of an MP and without a minority representative. Then the PAP says that there is no need for a by-election to fill her seat.

This is an abuse of power. The PAP sees itself bigger than Singapore and contin ... Read more »

SDP files lawsuit against PAP govt for refusing to call by-election

13 September 2017

Singapore Democrats

The SDP has filed a lawsuit in the High Court to declare that it is incumbent upon the Government to call for a by-election in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC due to Ms Halimah Yacob's resignation from her seat.

For too long and on too many occasions, the PAP has made arbitrary and dubious decisions to amend the Constitution and statutes to preserve its own power. These decisions, however questionable, are rarely challeng ... Read more »

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