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PAP's Elected Presidency change a blatant political move

16 November 2016

Singapore Democrats

In his Parliamentary address, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pointed out the reason for reserving the 2017 Elected Presidency (EP) for a Malay candidate: To promote a multiracial, equal and harmonious society, gradually enlarging the shared Singaporean identity while celebrating different cultures and faiths.

Singaporeans see through the rhetoric. The real reason for the change in the EP rules is that the P ... Read more »

PAP follows SDP's lead on special needs compulsory education

07 November 2016

Singapore Democrats

The SDP welcomes the government's decision to adopt our idea of making education for students with special needs compulsory. We are proud to be the first political party to propose such a policy following decades of advocacy by non-government organisations such as the Asian Women's Welfare Association. 

In 2015, the SDP proposed in our education policy making e ... Read more »

Online gambling just another way for govt to collect revenue

14 October 2016

Singapore Democrats

The SDP had opposed the PAP's move to allow the construction of casinos in Singapore in 2005. The government's rationale then was that there was money to be made off the gambling scene in Asia.

Not every business venture should be pursued just because it makes money. There are moral and ethical considerations too.

Gambling is a vice and its social ills are widely documented. Li ... Read more »

How does online jobs bank help when jobs created keep going to foreigners?

12 October 2016

Singapore Democrats

To tackle rising unemployment, the Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say offered in Parliament on Monday to “transform the National Jobs Bank i ... Read more »

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