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Stop taking the people's money for granted and fix the BPLRT

07 October 2016

Singapore Democrats

The idea of scrapping the Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit (BPLRT) system is typical of the malaise and lack of direction that has enveloped the present government.

Unable to think outside the box and come up with viable solutions to make things work, the PAP chooses instead to waste public funds by ditching the nearly $300 million system.

The SMRT, under the governance of the Land Transpo ... Read more »

Khaw Boon Wan must look into SMRT sackings

15 September 2016

Singapore Democrats

The SMRT's decision to sack two of its employees over the deaths of Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari and Nasrulhudin Najumudin earlier this year raises serious questions.

The first is that the dismissals have taken place before official investigations are completed. Even the victims' families have questioned such a move.

Contrast this with Hepatitis-C o ... Read more »

SDP Chair congratulates pro-democracy Hong Kong legislators

09 September 2016

Singapore Democrats

The SDP would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the people of Hong Kong for voting in a larger number of pro-democracy candidates in the Legislative Council (Legco) elections held on 4 September. 

In particular, we are heartened to see the election of six young leaders into Legco; they are expected to be at the forefront to fight for greater democracy in Hong Kong.

We al ... Read more »

Elected Presidency, like NCMP and NMP, a distraction from real democratic reform

08 September 2016

Singapore Democrats

In 1993 when the government introduced the Elected Presidency (EP) bill, it gave a grand vision of how system was evolving into a more democratic one where there would be greater checks and balance.

Then prime minister Goh Chok Tong even said that “In introducing this Bill, the present Government, is in fact, clipping its own wings. Once the constitutional amendment is effected, this Government w ... Read more »

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