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VERS and HIP II: More snake oil from PAP

21 August 2018

Singapore Democrats

PM Lee Hsien Loong's suggestion of the Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme (VERS) and Home Improvement Programme (HIP) II is clearly a panicked response than a well-thought out policy.

It is plain that Mr Lee is reacting to National Development Minister Lawrence Wong's bombshell admission that HDB flats will become worthless after their 99-year leases expire.

Mr Lee said that unde ... Read more »

Transcript of Chee Soon Juan's SDP National Day Message 2018

19 August 2018

Singapore Democrats

A very good afternoon to you dear friends and fellow Singaporeans,

Let me first thank you for being here with me this Saturday afternoon, it's always good to be able to talk with you.

I'd like to begin by telling you something that will make you feel uncomfortable. I want to tell you about our future, our country's future. We're not in a good place.

This is 2018 and it is a very sig ... Read more »

Opposition parties express desire to cooperate; invite Tan Cheng Bock to lead effort

28 July 2018

Singapore Democrats

At a working lunch hosted by the SDP this afternoon, several opposition parties came together to explore the possibility of working closer together to present a unified front at the next elections.

The SDP also took the opportunity to propose that presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock help lead the effort in building such a coalition. Those present welcomed the move.

" ... Read more »

SDP brings opposition parties together to hear Pakatan Harapan experience

07 July 2018

Singapore Democrats

The SDP held a forum this afternoon where opposition parties came together to hear how the Pakatan Harapan (PH; Alliance of Hope) achieved its historic victory in the recent Malaysian elections.

The guest speaker was Mr Chua Tian Chuang, former Malaysian member of parliament and Chief of Information of Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR; People's Justice Party). The P ... Read more »

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