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SDP awards bursary to needy families

28 August 2017

Singapore Democrats

The SDP awarded bursaries worth $300 each to three lower-income families. The Mohd Isa Bursary Award is part of the SDP's commitment to helping students from poorer backgrounds get a headstart so that they can compete fairly with their peers.

We believe that while individuals possess different innate abilities and talents – which should be rewarded according to merit – all citizens must be given the sam ... Read more »

PM Lee follows SDP's lead on pre-school education

21 August 2017

Singapore Democrats

In his National Day Rally last night, PM Lee Hsien Loong outlined the Government's plan to upgrade pre-school education in Singapore.

He cited three key areas that the Education Ministry would look into: making sure more children have access to pre-school education, upgrading the profession of pre-school educators, and making sure children from low-income families enter pre-school.

All thes ... Read more »

SDP writes to PM Lee to confirm no by-election

11 August 2017

Singapore Democrats

SDP to consider legal proceedings to compel govt to call for by-election in Marsiling-Yew Tee

07 August 2017

Singapore Democrats

Ms Halimah Yacob has announced that she will contest in the coming Presidential Elections and has resigned as MP for the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

The GRC system was introduced in 1988, the official reason being “to ensure that Singapore’s parliament would always be multiracial in composition and represent ... Read more »

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