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MYT by-election appeal: Why we must all continue to resist

23 April 2018

Singapore Democrats

SDP's Assistant Treasurer Dr Wong Souk Yee has filed an appeal against High Court Judge Chua Lee Ming's decision to dismiss her application for a by-election in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

Some question the rationale of spending time and money on a matter that has little chance of succeeding. Here's the reason why the action is important.

Never has the trust between the p ... Read more »

Here's why the judge is wrong on the M-YT by-election matter

20 April 2018

Singapore Democrats

The SDP is of the view that High Court Judge Chua Lee Ming is mistaken in his decision to dismiss Dr Wong Souk Yee's application for a by-election in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC on two counts.

The first is that the Constitution stipulates that “Whenever the seat of a Member, not being a non-constituency Member, has become vacant for any reason other than a dissolutio ... Read more »

Your HDB ticking time-bomb lease - there is a solution

17 April 2018

Singapore Democrats

HDB's CEO Dr Cheong Koon Hean said in a forum last week that buyers of resale flats should pay less for older flats because these flats have a lease of 99 years.

This is bad news for Singaporeans who paid premium prices for the flats because we were promised that the value of our flats would appreciate over time. Moreover, many used our CPF savings to service the housing loans.

Becaus ... Read more »

FB tells SDP that employees engaged in politics cannot use company's resources

13 April 2018

Singapore Democrats

Mr Simon Milner, Facebook's Vice President for Public Policy, Asia Pacific, has assured the SDP that the company has "well-established processes" in place to ensure that activities of its employees who may be engaged in partisan politics in Singapore "do not involve Facebook's company resources".

Mr Milner was replying to the  ... Read more »

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