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Aung San Suu Kyi barred from running for Myanmar polls

19 February 2008

20 Feb 08

Myanmar democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi is barred from running for election under the country's new constitution because she had a foreign husband, Foreign Minister Nyan Win told his fellow Southeast Asian ministers yesterday.

Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo said Nyan Win was clear on this position during a dinner cruise off the city-state's waters of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) foreign ministers.

"We did discuss that," Yeo told reporters in response to a question on whether Aung San Suu ... Read more »

A letter from Asia's leaders to US presidential candidates

16 February 2008

Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia (ARDA)
15 Feb 08

To the Honourable:

Hillary Clinton
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Barack Obama

Dear Senators,

Re: Asia's Democratic Century

Greetings from the Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia (ARDA). The world always looks towards America where freedom and democracy is cherished. We write to brief you on Asia's democratic struggle which is being waged today. The outcome will shape not just the region but also the world.

... Read more »

Ching Cheong: Free at last

06 February 2008

The Wall Street Journal Asia
06 Feb 08

Beijing freed journalist Ching Cheong yesterday after two years and nine months in prison. That's good news for Mr. Ching and his family, who will celebrate Chinese New Year together for the first time in three years.

We wish we could say the same for the 28 journalists still imprisoned in China, according to Human Rights Watch. But Mr. Ching's early release, purportedly for health concerns, doesn't signal a broader trend. With only six months to go before the Olympics, China has stuck to its habi ... Read more »

The December of Indonesia's patriarch

17 December 2007

Asia Sentinel

SuhartoThe curtain finally falls on Suharto, with the actors still performing their roles

The théâtre de mort of Suharto's last throes now being performed in Jakarta's Pertamina Hospital has been pregnant with farce and hypocris ... Read more »

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