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SDP will not take part in by-election

09 May 2012

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democratic Party had stated previously that we would not contest a by-election in Hougang SMC. Our position remains unchanged. We will not be fielding a candidate for this election. This is because our prime concern is that the constituency remains in the hands of the Opposition.

Chee Soon Juan
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Chee's speech will be live-streamed from Oslo

07 May 2012

Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan's speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum will be streamed live tomorrow, 8 May 2012 (Tuesday) from Oslo, Norway. The event can be viewed at Dr Chee's speech will come on at 11pm Singapore time (5pm Central Europe time).

Billed as "an intimate gathering where remarkable individuals come together to address the world's most challenging humanitarian issues", the Forum will begin today and end on 9 May. ... Read more »

SDP a party of thinkers

31 March 2012

Singapore Democrats

Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan delivered the opening address at the launch of the The SDP National Healthcare Plan on 17 March 2012. He said that the SDP was not a Party of No, but a Party of thinkers. Click here for the text of the speech.

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George Yeo said absolutely nothing in Parliament

23 October 2007

The Government's responses over its dealings with the Burmese military regime are evasive, patronizing, and utterly devoid of substance.

Answers like "our defence sales have not been substantial", "we will behave in a responsible manner", and "'arms sales have been carefully limited to items that are not suitable for countering civilian unrest" are like cotton-candy: sweet, puffy and full of air.

No verifiable facts were produced. What does Minister George Yeo mean by "substantial", what is the Government's definition of "responsible", and pray tell what on earth is "c ... Read more »

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