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Let’s not have Burmese blood on our hands

26 September 2007

The Singapore Democrats call on the Singapore Government to do more than just call on the military regime in Burma to show restraint.

It has been widely documented that the Singapore Government sells arms and military equipment to the SPDC generals who are the targets of the present uprising in Burma.

Chartered Industries and Allied Ordnance, companies controlled by Temasek Holdings must declare to the Singaporean people whether it still sells arms and ammunition to Burma. If it is, the abominable practice must cease immediately.

Providing the Burmese military ... Read more »

Citizen Chee Soon Juan goes to prison again

04 September 2007

As expected, the high court today dismissed Dr. Chee Soon Juan's appeal against a lower court conviction of attempting to leave Singapore as an undischarged bankrupt. Choo Han Teck dismissed Dr Chee's appeal that travel application was made and the OA had not turned it down even on the day of his departure. Judge Choo Han Teck upheld the fine of four thousand dollars or, in lieu, three weeks imprisonment imposed by a district ... Read more »

CPF annuity proposal a ploy, not solution

24 August 2007

The latest move by the PAP Government to force Singaporeans to buy annuities is yet another despicable attempt to withhold the people’s hard-earned CPF savings.

Already the Minimum Sum Scheme allows the Government to retain the citizens' retirement funds. Now the PAP wants to compel Singaporeans to buy annuity, making it even harder for them to survive their retirement years.

The annuity proposal is not a solution. It is a ploy. A ploy thought up by the PAP Government to strengthen its hold on CPF funds – funds that it then uses for its business ventures which are not t ... Read more »

Courts bankrupt activists

17 August 2007

The courts today declared Ms Chee Siok Chin, Ms Monica Kumar and Mr Yap Keng. Attorney-General Chao Hick Tin had applied for a bankruptcy order against the three human rights defenders.

The activists had taken legal action against the Minister for Home Affairs and the Commissioner of Police for sending in the riot squad to clear a four-person silent protest they had conducted in 2005. (See here)

At the bankruptcy hearing today the AG gave a whole new meaning to the word "concession". Ms Mavis Chio ... Read more »

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