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AG to make Chee Siok Chin and two other activists bankrupt

07 August 2007

Chao Hick Ting, Attorney-General and former Appeals JudgeAttorney-General Chao Hick Ting is out to make SDP CEC member, Ms Chee Siok Chin, and activists Ms Monica Kumar and Mr Yap Keng Ho bankrupts.

Mr Chao, a former Appeals Court Judge until his appointment as AG in 2006, has applied for a bankruptcy order against the three which will be heard on 17 Aug 07.

The matter involves a protest that Ms Chee, Ms Kumar, Mr Yap and Mr Charles Tan conducted in August 2005 where they called f ... Read more »

Give us back our CPF savings

22 June 2007

And the scheming continues.

The raising of the CPF withdrawal age to 65 is nothing more than another ploy to delay returning the people’s hard-earned savings.

The reason advanced for the change, that Singaporeans are living longer than before, is as lame as it is ludicrous.

When workers retire and need a source of income, telling them that they cannot use their savings because they are living longer makes as much sense as telling a man dying of thirst that he can’t drink his water because he’ll need it later.

Whether they are in their 60s, 70s or 80s ... Read more »

Resolute in the face of police intimidation

31 May 2007

Calling for free speech in Singapore Several activists have been called up for questioning by the police for standing up for their rights of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly last year.

Fifteen local democracy advocates attended police investigations in the past several weeks to answer questions on their participation in two events: the World Bank-IMF meeting in September and on International Human Rights Day in December.

... Read more »

EDB's refusal to disclose lost UNSW money is an outrage

25 May 2007

The Economic Development Board (EDB) has stated that it will not reveal how much money it has lost over the closure of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) campus in Singapore.

In case it has forgotten, its funds come from the toil and sweat of Singaporeans, not money it has privately earned. Its refusal to make a full and public disclosure of the money lost is outrageous and unacceptable.

Moreover, that a multi-million dollar project can fail so spectacularly and in so short a time signals incompetence and an appalling lack of foresight at the highest levels. But w ... Read more »

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