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Guess who Mdm Lim was working for

26 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

We reported here that an elderly couple ('the Lims') was forced to walk home after they paid the polyclinic fees and were left without money for transportation. When SDP members subsequently visited her at home, Mdm Lim revealed that she had worked for ... Read more »

Stop kicking the Ravi football

24 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

Human rights lawyer, Mr M Ravi, is a respected friend of the SDP. He has an accomplished legal mind and a heart of gold. His determination to do what is right has cost him much, both in personal terms and in his career. Unfortunately, he is also afflicted with bipolar disorder. ... Read more »

Second series of SDP's Let's Talk

23 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will present its second series of Let's Talk where we interview personalities in and around Singapore to discuss national issues and current affairs. ... Read more »

Poverty pervasive in Singapore - more video evidence

20 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

In case anyone thinks that the video of an elderly couple that we posted yesterday is one of those rare incidents that even the best of systems cannot prevent, we present another video that was recorded at the same time the elderly couple was making their arduous journey home. ... Read more »

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