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Poverty pervasive in Singapore - more video evidence

20 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

In case anyone thinks that the video of an elderly couple that we posted yesterday is one of those rare incidents that even the best of systems cannot prevent, we present another video that was recorded at the same time the elderly couple was making their arduous journey home. ... Read more »

Chee to launch new book

17 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan has written a new book titled Democratically Speaking which deals with various subjects including Singapore's political economy, the need for dissent in the country, and the dangers of the lack of the rule of law. ... Read more »

Video: Women Democrats talk health

13 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

Women need to take care of themselves. That was the message at the Holistic Health for Women talk organised by SDP's Women Democrats. The public forum was held on 1 July 2012. ... Read more »

S'pore getting left further behind in modern healthcare

11 July 2012

Singapore Democrats

Over the last few years, the United States went through a bruising fight in the battle over its healthcare system. It started when President Barack Obama came into office and introduced the Affordable Care Act. ... Read more »

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