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13 May 2019



Gerrymandering in the Lion City

30 August 2018

Oscar Copeland is a student at the University of California, Berkeley and an intern at the SDP. He wrote this article as part of his research work during his stint with us. He is one of two interns placed by the Academic Internship Council (AIC) based in Singapore. International students seeking internships with the AIC are placed with organisations in various sectors in Singapore including business, science, finance and politics. The SDP has a regular programme for interns and we especially encourage local students to intern with us. Please email your enquiries to: [email protected].

Celebrating Singapore – Live your passion!

05 August 2018

Singapore Democrats

We're posting a series called Celebrating Singapore this National Day period where we highlight some of the wishes of our friends and members for our nation. We start here with Bryan Lim, SDP Treasurer and proud father.



SDP Intern: Everyone's duty to get involved in politics

19 July 2017

Singapore Democrats

The SDP is proud to introduce our latest intern, Ms Carson Turner, who comes to us from the University of California at Berkeley. Ms Turner, a US citizen, is a political science major and has done research in the area of voting systems.

She is with the SDP as part of our on-going internship programme and will be with us until end of July 2017.

The SDP has hosted several interns in the past.  As part of her placement programme, Ms Turner will be involved in our research and policy studies unit. Below is an interview we conducted with her (photographed above at the SDP's office).

Lessons from Cambodia

11 July 2017

Jufri Salim

A diverse group participants from Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia, Cambodia and Singapore took part in discussions on how to use the social media effectively and responsibly especially with the trend of fake and distorted news growing.

We must persist

10 April 2017

Kenneth Lin

I recently attended the Youth Political Academy in Hong Kong organised by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) during which Mr Sin Chung-Kai, former vice-chairperson of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong, shared his thoughts on the Umbrella Movement of 2014.

He was surprised that Hong Kongers were willing to turn up in such numbers and display such a strong front against Beijing’s oppression to demand fair elections - up to a hundred thousand people took to the streets in a protest that lasted 79 days. He noted that Hong Kongers usually protested in small, isolated groups.

I listened, bemused, thinking about how rare even small protests were in Singapore, and of the likelihood that a similar large scale protest demanding free and fair elections would happen in Singapore. Not a chance...