Articles: Perspective

Why I Joined the SDP

02 July 2015

I believe in the SDP and all that it is doing in the best interests of all Singaporeans.

I believe in the freedom of speech and expression. I can’t go on living in a country where most citizens are in mortal fear of expressing their pain, stress, anger and disapproval of huge numbers of foreigners who, with the help of the PAP, make us second class citizens, in our own country.

MediShield Life – A leaky green umbrella

20 March 2015

The Government has taken a step in the right direction by implementing MediShield Life, a national health insurance scheme that is both universal (covers everybody) and comprehensive (covers all illnesses). No longer will anyone be denied coverage due to old age, pre-existing illness, congenital conditions or mental illness.

However, one of the main inadequacies of MediShield Life is that it does not adequately cover large medical bills. In other words, it under-insures us, requiring us to still pay out large sums of money in the event that we fall ill, despite being insured. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that each of us is still required to maintain a huge Medisave balance for use in case of illness.

An open letter to the editor of Berita Harian

12 February 2015

Why is the newspaper not reporting on the SDP's activities and policies? If the other newspapers can report on our events, why is the Malay-language newspaper not doing the same? How are Malays in Singapore going to keep abreast of the developments of the opposition if they are deprived of relevant news?

Singapore’s high dependence on foreign labor begs an alternative model of growth

11 November 2014

In a televised speech on the eve of Singapore’s National Day in 2013, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said “We face difficult choices: We need foreign workers to serve our economy and Singaporeans’ needs, and immigrants to make up for our shortfall of babies.”

Singapore needs to take responsibility and lead the region in 'green' effort

13 October 2014

We must spread the word and educate our communities about the dangers of environmental degradation. The challenge is to communicate the importance of immediate action to members of society, since it is only with a concerted, cooperative effort that we have a chance of making a difference.

Needed: A different kind of leadership

23 July 2014

Chee Siok Chin

Singapore's Government leaders would do well to lift a page from Hillary Clinton's leadership style. Our ministers continue to wield autocratic governance: A top-down approach by the PAP serves only to perpetuate its own power. To be an effective and affective government, however, its ministers and MPs need to listen to the people's aspirations and needs.