Articles: Perspective

To my dear volunteers

14 September 2015

Clarence Zeng

The whirlwind hustling of GE2015 is finally over. The applause has mainly been for the candidates, but I believe the appreciation should go to a lot more people. Matthew Tan, who helped me co-helm the Ground Operations Team when Bryan Lim stood up to be a candidate for our party. He is the analytic guy, and helps to disarm tricky situations when tensions are high, and provides alternative solutions when none seemed to be in sight.

Growing up in Taiwan

30 August 2015

I left Taiwan for the US to study in the 1980s, when Taiwan was still under the rule of KMT's Chiang Ching-Kuo. I was not particularly concerned about politics, as Taiwan was a prosperous society and I didn't really experience any hardships during my growing up years.

When I went home for holidays in-between school terms, I noticed my younger brother's computer monitor was draped with all sorts of head bands he had collected from attending various public protests, be it for "amendment of the Constitutions", "calling for direct Presidential elections", or "anti-nulcear plants".

I was extremely uncomfortable seeing those colourful head bands and asked him, "Is it safe to go for those protests?" My brother laughed and said, "Time has changed! It's no big deal now."

Let's burn the flame bright

31 July 2015

I cannot recall exactly how long it has been since I was involved in conducting our weekly house visits.

In that time when I have been really busy, my fellow members and volunteers have been tirelessly turning up without fail for months to visit the residents of the constituencies that we intend to contest in.

Coming from all parts of Singapore, with some as far as Pasir Ris, they travel sometimes for more than an hour to the residential blocks in the west that are not always easily accessible by public transport.

Not everyone in this group is young and healthy; I see volunteers who continue to help week in week out despite being in their golden years, when they should be enjoying their retirement. However they still come faithfully and regularly. To these volunteers, I offer my heartfelt gratitude.

Why I Joined the SDP

02 July 2015

I believe in the SDP and all that it is doing in the best interests of all Singaporeans.

I believe in the freedom of speech and expression. I can’t go on living in a country where most citizens are in mortal fear of expressing their pain, stress, anger and disapproval of huge numbers of foreigners who, with the help of the PAP, make us second class citizens, in our own country.

MediShield Life – A leaky green umbrella

20 March 2015

The Government has taken a step in the right direction by implementing MediShield Life, a national health insurance scheme that is both universal (covers everybody) and comprehensive (covers all illnesses). No longer will anyone be denied coverage due to old age, pre-existing illness, congenital conditions or mental illness.

However, one of the main inadequacies of MediShield Life is that it does not adequately cover large medical bills. In other words, it under-insures us, requiring us to still pay out large sums of money in the event that we fall ill, despite being insured. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that each of us is still required to maintain a huge Medisave balance for use in case of illness.

An open letter to the editor of Berita Harian

12 February 2015

Why is the newspaper not reporting on the SDP's activities and policies? If the other newspapers can report on our events, why is the Malay-language newspaper not doing the same? How are Malays in Singapore going to keep abreast of the developments of the opposition if they are deprived of relevant news?