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Lion City baits mousy opposition: Analsysis of GE 2006

15 May 2006

On May 6, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will lead the ruling People’s Action Party to the polls for the first time, as the city state conducts its 12th general election. Such is the dominance of the PAP, which secured 75% of the total valid votes at the last election in 2001, that there are really only two questions about the outcome: Will the opposition keep its two seats in the 84-member Parliament? And can Mr Lee replicate the PAP share of the vote achieved last time by his predecessor Goh Chok Tong?

Chee Soon Juan's contempt of judiciary case, 2006

26 March 2006

Dr. Chee Soon Juan was declared a bankrupt after failing to pay $500,000 in libel damages awarded to Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong.

In February 2006, Dr. Chee was charged with contempt of court for a statement he made at the above bankruptcy hearing in which he stated that the judiciary is not independent and fair, especially in cases involving opposition politicians.

On 17 March 2006, he was sentenced to jail for 8 days after refusing to pay his fines of $6,000.

CSJ's closing submissions for contempt of judiciary, 2006

16 March 2006

As the AG has preferred a charge against me, I believe I am entitled to a trial where I can call witnesses to demonstrate the truth of my statements and to document with precision how the courts in Singapore have been used by the PAP Government to maintain its chokehold on the country.

I have said before I will not run away. I am here to face my accuser and the very people whom I have criticised. I am here to speak the truth, whatever the consequences may bring.

If you are going to charge me for contempt of court, at least have the decency to allow me the opportunity to defend myself. There is nothing honorable in a fight wherein you bind and incapacitate your opponent.

Mass assembly the right of Singaporeans: CSJ

25 July 2003

Below are excerpts of the keynote address Dr Chee Soon Juan gave at the recently held International Youth Conference for Democracy organised by the Young Democrats of the SDP. 

Chee Soon Juan's closing submissions for trial of May Day Rally 2002

06 October 2002

Below are excerpts of Dr Chee Soon Juan closing submissions which he made at the conclusion of his trial. He is charged for wilfull trespass and speaking with a permit when he tried to hold a rally on Labour Day (May 1, 2002) outside the Istana.

CSJ's submissions in the tudung trial

29 July 2002

Dr Chee Soon Juan made his closing submissions at the end of his trial over the tudung issue. Below are excerpts of his argument: