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Backward in Singapore

05 July 1999

A bare-foot, middle-aged man dressed in a checkered sarong and polyester polo shirt stepped up to cast his vote. His leathery face broke into a grin, revealing a row of teeth stained red from years of chewing betel nuts. "I am very proud and happy today!" he announced as he pushed his ballots into the boxes.

Sintercom Interview with Chee Soon Juan (1999)

15 May 1999

Dr Chee Soon Juan is a familiar figure in Singapore politics and Sintercom had done an interview with him in 1995. He has since published several more books and has been active in various international scenes. Our reader, Charles Tan, submitted this interview he did with Dr Chee to Chong Kee’s SInterCom website.

Sintercom Interview with Chee Soon Juan (1995)

18 February 1995

Dr. Chee Soon Juan is the current Secretary General with the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). This interview was done in 1995.

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