SDP's Alternatives: Economy

Democrats officially launch alternative economic plan

20 November 2010

The Singapore Democrats officially launched its economic manifesto at the pre-election rally in 2010. Entitled It's About You, this publication is a comprehensive and detailed account of the SDP's proposals to take Singapore forward.

This report deals with a wide range of economic problems that Singaporeans encounter from healthcare cost to income inequality, from the inadequacy of CPF funds to the exploitative wage system.

Our biggest contention is the widening disparity between the super-rich in this country and middle- and lower income groups. Such a trend is both unhealthy and unsustainable for our country. It is an economic structure that exploits rather than inspires.


Constructive and forward looking: SDP's economic forum

27 March 2010

The Opposition has always ceded ideas on economic matters to the PAP. Because of the years of GDP growth few have stopped to question the direction of our economy. The Opposition has hitherto been reluctant to engage the PAP on economic policy.

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