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SDP: Our education system in dire need of reform; shows how to do it

14 July 2019

Our education system is outmoded and does not prepare our students for the future. It is in dire need of reform. 

This case was made by the SDP at the launch of its education policy Educating for Creativity and Equality: An Agenda For Transformation. SDP Chairman Paul Tambyah and Mr Ben Pwee, who joined the SDP earlier this year, presented the party's case...

Educating for Creativity and Equality: An Agenda For Transformation

06 August 2015

The Problem

Our education system puts too much emphasis on exams and rote learning which kill creative impulses in our children. Also, these statistics paint a depressing picture of what the education system is doing to our children:

  • 20% of our children exhibit signs of anxiety and mood disorders. (The Straits Times, 2012)

  • One in three students say they sometimes think that life is not worth living because they fear exams. “That’s scary. What kind of life are we putting our kids through if...

SDP awards bursaries to needy students

20 May 2014

The SDP awarded the Mohd Isa Bursary Award worth $300 each to seven primary school students from needy families. Professor Paul Tambyah presented the awards to the pupils at the launch of the SDP's education policy paper last Saturday.

Scrap PSLE, delay streaming and foster creativity

18 May 2014

The SDP launched our alternative education policy paper yesterday presenting the many issues and challenges that our present education system faced and spelling out alternative ideas to overcome them.

Creativity and equality at core of SDP's education policy

12 May 2014

Our education system is outmoded: It stifles creativity and favours the rich. Yet, creativity and equality are the two factors that will determine if Singapore succeeds or fails as a nation.

SDP to launch education paper, Ed Minister Heng invited

08 May 2014

Our post Why do we do this to our children? has garnered unprecedented attention with more than 1,000 FB shares – and counting. It shows that Singaporeans are deeply concerned about how the education system is turning our children into psychological wrecks and driving them to suicide.

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