SDP's Alternatives: Healthcare

Assoc Professor Paul Tambyah speaks at SDP's healthcare plan launch

21 March 2012

Associate Professor and infectious diseases expert Paul Tambyah presented The SDP National Healthcare Plan which was launched last Saturday. We will present the other panel speakers in a subsequent video.

Impressions of healthcare in Singapore

20 March 2012

Cartoonist Leslie Chew created these impressions of the PAP's healthcare system and the SDP's alternative plan. His other work can be seen at facebook page Demon-cratic Singapore.

Help us spread the word that there is an alternative system to the one that PAP has put it place. It's the SDP's plan which is universal, affordable and sustainable. Email this to your family and friends.

Scrap Medisave and increase govt spending

18 March 2012

DO AWAY WITH the '3M' system (Medisave, Medifund and Medishield) and pay all our healthcare expenditure through a single pool of funds in which the Government contributes 84 percent.

Needs-based healthcare: An investment in Singaporeans

17 March 2012

Health is not a commodity but a fundamental human need. Singapore’s healthcare system needs to re-modelled and financed holistically to achieve this policy objective.

The future of healthcare in Singapore

14 March 2012

Healthcare is not a commodity, and we believe that market forces have no part to play in the financing or delivery of basic health care to the people in our country.

No one should go bankrupt while seeking medical treatment and no one, especially the poor, should be discriminated against. If healthcare is a basic right, then the system must be designed to ensure that even the poorest among us can afford it.

SDP to unveil healthcare plan for the nation

08 March 2012

Singapore Democratic Party is proud to announce that it will unveil The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring For All Singaporeans. The Plan is a culmination of a nine-month study conducted by the party's Healthcare Advisory Panel.

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