SDP's Alternatives: Our Population

Why the SDP does not propose a target population

15 February 2013

Various ministers have proffered various numbers for our population size: 4 million (Goh Chok Tong), 5 million (Lee Kuan Yew), 6.5 million (Mah Bow Tan) and 6.9 million (Lee Hsien Loong).$CUT$

Are these numbers helpful? On what basis have they been determined? If they are a result of extensive Government study and planning - which one would expect them to be - then why do they vary so wildly?

SDP population paper to focus on holistic growth

13 February 2013

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has walked back the Government's position on increasing Singapore's population to 6.9 million by 2030.$CUT$

He announced in Parliament last week that the target was a "worst-case scenario" after a public furore ensued when the White Paper was released.

The Government will now stick to the 6 million target for 2020 and, thereafter, review the situation.

The problem is that even a population of 6 million for this island may be too high. The Government has not provided any convincing data that this island can hold so many inhabitants.

SDP to launch alternative paper on population

11 February 2013

In keeping with our objective to offer Singaporeans an alternative platform, the Singapore Democrats will present our policy paper on immigration and population for our country.$CUT$

There has been intense anger on the part of Singaporeans since the launching of the Government White Paper, A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore, in which it was announced that the PAP would increase the population to 6.9 million by 2030.

The population debate: The optimum size

05 February 2013

It is not true that the more people we have, the better the economy and the higher the standard of living for all of us. On the contrary, the denser the city, the higher the cost of housing and taxes.

The more buildings there are, the greater the likelihood they will block our views, our light and our air.

So what is the optimum size? In The Next Lap, published by the Singapore Government in 1993, it is recommended that "…with careful use of land, we can comfortably house 4 million people..”

Confusion over population target continues

31 January 2013

In October last year, this website published an article about the lack of clarity of the Government over the target population size of Singapore. The announcement this week that PAP intends to raise this to 6.9 million has only added to the confusion.$CUT$

In 1991, under former prime minister Goh Chok Tong, the Government published its blueprint for Singapore called The Next Lap in which it stated that a 4-million population was a comfortable figure.

Govt's reasons for population expansion not justified

30 January 2013

The Government’s population White Paper, A Sustainable Population For A Dynamic Singapore, announced its intention to raise the population to 7 million. This is extremely worrying. The reasons for the new target have been offered before and appear to be re-packaged for the White Paper.$CUT$

The Government cites three pillars on which its policy rests: (1) maintain a strong Singaporean core, (2) create good jobs for Singaporeans, and (3) provide Singaporeans a higher quality of life.

These pillars were used to defend its policy of increasing the population to the current level of 5.3 million. The results have been unsuccessful.

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