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That 6.5 million population figure

08 September 2010

Population projection for planning purposes is an upper limit, not a target

In 2007, National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan announced that the Government had increased its long-term population estimate. For planning purposes, he said, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) would be using a projected population of 6.5 million, up from the 2001 projection of 5.5 million.

With Singapore's total fertility rate far below replacement levels, the obvious conclusion was that much of the increase would come from foreigners.

S'pore population tops five million, 36 pct foreigners

31 August 2010

Singapore's population crossed five million this year and more than a third of the total are foreigners, the statistics department said Tuesday.

The city-state's total population stood at 5.08 million people at the end of June, it said in a statement.

Of the number, 3.23 million are citizens, 540,000 are foreigners with permanent residency and 1.3 million are foreign professionals and workers along with their dependents, resulting in a 36% share for foreigners in the general population.

Concern over rising foreign population

03 October 2009

Singapore has always been dependent on migrants for its economic prosperity and making up for a low birth-rate, but there are fears that this is just pushing it too far and too fast.

What may have been a new, modern-day wave of migration into Singapore has pushed the population pass a historic five-million mark.

Desperation in trying to increase population

07 August 2006

SDP's comment: After nearly half-a-century of uninterrupted PAP rule, this outcome signals an utter and complete failure of the population-control policy. First in was the Stop-At-Two policy, then came the hare-brained Graduate Mothers Scheme, and now its the the have-more-if-you-can-afford desperate measure coupled with the Foreign Talent Policy. These policies have wreaked untold hardship on the people (the social impact of the foreign recruitment policy may yet prove disastrous for Singaporeans) and yet there is no way that the population can hold the PAP accountable.

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