The Truth About: Chiam's exit from the SDP

Why does Mrs Chiam persist in attacking the SDP?

11 April 2010

Mrs Lina Chiam insists on continuing to attack the SDP and me on the issue of Mr Chiam See Tong leaving the party when there are a whole host of issues that she and the Singapore People's Party need to focus on with the PAP.

In her first interview with the Straits Times, Mrs Lina Chiam accused me of ousting Mr Chiam in 1993 and usurping his position.

I explained - providing detailed documentary evidence - how this was not true (read Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 below). It is indisputable that Mr Chiam resigned from the party on his own accord and that his resignation was precipitated by the acrimonious relationship he had had with the other party leaders began way before I had joined the SDP.

Part 4: Taking the SDP forward

08 April 2010

In Parts One and Two, I laid out the facts that clearly demonstrated that neither I nor any of the CEC members had ousted Mr Chiam from the SDP in 1993. Despite this, Mr Chiam still charged that I had usurped his position. I countered that I was thrust into his position.

Mr Chiam retorted: "He has not been thrust into my position. He has usurped my position!" He also challenged me to resign my post. (Chiam challenges Chee: QUIT, The New Paper, 2 Jul 93).

Part 3: Goh Chok Tong - Without Chiam, harder to destroy Chee

07 April 2010

Goh Chok Tong - Without Chiam, harder to destroy Chee

Part 1: The truth about Chiam See Tong's departure

05 April 2010

Mr Chiam See Tong has accused Dr Chee Soon Juan of usurping his post in the party and challenged him to resign if he really had not sought to lead it. He also criticised the acting secretary-general of the SDP for "hopping onto a power vehicle, a ready-made party” which he, Mr Chiam, had founded 13 years ago.

No one forced Chiam out: SDP chief

02 April 2010

No one force Chiam out

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