Articles: Women Democrats

Do more to stop trafficking of women: Surayah

06 December 2011

Ms Surayah Akbar spoke up against human trafficking and called on the Government to do more to tackle the on-going in Singapore. Ms Suraya, a leading member of the SDP's women wing, delivered an impassioned speech at the Slutwalk event held at Hong Lim Park on Sunday.

Organisers of the event had invited the Women Democrats to speak at the event which was held to speak out against violence against women.

Salute to Soh Lung

28 June 2010

Ms Teo Soh Lung has broken her long silence about her cruel detention under the Internal Security Act with the publication of her memoir Beyond The Blue Gate: Recollections of A Political Prisoner.

Going to jail is least of Chee Siok Chin's concerns

09 January 2010

Ms Chee Siok Chin walked out from Changi Prison today after serving a one-week jail term for distributing flyers that were critical of the PAP. Together with Mr Gandhi Ambalam and Dr Chee Soon Juan, Ms Chee was convicted for distributing flyers in a group of 5 or more persons without a permit outside the Raffles City Shopping Centre in September 2006 which was considered an illegal assembly.

SDP's ND message: Join us to bring about a future of hope

06 August 2009

Women Democrats deliver the SDP's 2009 National Day message: It’s time that Singaporeans come together to reach out with the Singapore Democratic Party to bring about political change.

Foreigners on foreign issues in Singapore

18 June 2009

"The Lady” made her presence felt at Hong Lim Park on when Singaporeans and Burmese nationals held a vigil calling for the release of Asia's most renowned democracy and human rights leader.

Our thoughts are with Anthony Yeo

14 June 2009

Mr Anthony Yeo was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma/Acute Leukemia several weeks ago. His progress is announced regularly at the Care and Counselling Centre website where he is a consultant therapist.