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A protest in sunny Singapore

12 August 2005

It would have been an activity of little significance in most parts Asia, save for perhaps Burma. A group of four citizens had donned on similar T-shirts and created quite a stir in the Central Business District area yesterday by calling for transparency and accountability from the government. One of them was me.

The exploitation of workers in Singapore

06 May 2004

Below is the speech delivered by SDP's Ms Chee Siok Chin, at the Think Centre Forum on 1 May 2004. The proceedings of the forum was censored by the local media.

Do the women MPs really have a voice?

18 March 2004

Today ran a report recently about 10 PAP women MPs coming together to better represent women's perspectives on policies. Not surprisingly, they focused on women issues; particularly on encouraging married women to give birth and continue as working mothers - in line with the partys economical and social agenda.

While it is commendable that PAP women MPs are fighting to be heard among the big boys, and gaining a seat in the cabinet, the pertinent question is to ask if they are truly any different from their male colleagues?

Will you make a stand for what you believe in?

03 November 2003

Many of us will gripe, grumble and even curse when we feel infringed or disadvantaged. We complain about the hikes in public transport fares, ERP charges, car park fees, GST, hospital bills, PUB bills, wage freezes and a myriad of other circumstances.

So what are you going to do about another hike?

12 September 2003

The PAP government has done it again this time increasing in the prices of hospital services.

Despite the economic downturn, the government has so far increased charges for usage of electricity, bus and MRT fares, car park fees, GST (to begin next year) and now hospital charges.

It is typical of the ruling party to implement policies in such an imperious manner. Decisions are made based purely in a dollars and cents perspective. Little consideration is accorded to those who are barely making ends meet and (heaven forbid) have to be hospitalized due to ill health.

Singaporeans should be allowed to speak for themselves

07 March 2003

In his letter, Singaporeans should speak up in their own way, Mr. Raymond Lim (ST, Feb. 26) suggested that protests are banned in Singapore for national interests.

If the interests of the nation are paramount, which they are, then the government should not prevent citizens from claiming ownership of this country. One of the most important rights of citizens is the freedom of speech and assembly, in the absence of which national interests can be hijacked and defined by the government, and the real wishes of the people subverted.

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