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Young Democrats

23 February 2009

As a youth wing of the Singapore Democratic Party, we believe in the ideals and aims of our mother party. That means promoting human rights and democracy in authoritarian Singapore.

Set up in 1999, we believe that Young Democrats (YD) can only do this with a base of dedicated and passionate youths who are committed to the ideals and willing to work to make it happen.

There are plenty of reasons to join the existing stronghold of PAP or participate in one of the allocated youth projects if you want to be involved in politics. But nothing beats joining the Young Democrats, the true liberal and progressive reformers of Singapore.


The Young Democrats is a member of:

International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY)

Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA)


10 reasons why you should join the Young Democrats

22 February 2009

1. The SDP is the first opposition party in Singapore with a youth wing. This shows the Singapore Democrats' commitment towards the ideas and aspirations of youths in Singapore. As an opposition party, SDP has been consistent in its message towards Singaporeans, that is, we need to build a democratic Singapore—an endeavour that is enshrined in our pledge, national anthem, and one that is embedded in our national flag and Merlion symbol. [Read more]

Singapore needs to take responsibility and lead the region in 'green' effort

13 October 2014

Clarence Dorai & Sarah Sidek

Record temperatures, droughts, wildfires, floods, melting polar caps all drive home the need for urgent action on climate change. This was the conversation at the recently held CALD Youth Climate Change Seminar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia which we attended.

The real lesson from Kiev

07 July 2014

Chong Wai Fung & Clarence Zeng

Kiev, Ukraine. The images of clashes between anti-government protesters and the police were still fresh in the minds of our Ukrainian friends even as they tried to move on with the process of rebuilding their country.

Outsourcing public transportation not a good idea

25 May 2014

Alvin Ong

There are public services such as water and power supply, national defence, telecommunications that should not be outsourced to private entities for reasons of national security. Public transportation is one of these services that, in the wrong foreign hands, can be vitally damaging in a national crisis.

No man is an island

11 September 2013

Clarence Zeng

We were almost into our last two days of our workshop for Climate Change on the Bantayan Islands in the Philippines. The youth representatives of the respective member parties in CALD Youth were getting chummy with the local litigation lawyers and environmental activists, hanging out at a beach bar near our accommodations.