Articles: Young Democrats

Young Democrats elect new leaders

12 August 2009

The SDP's youth wing, the Young Democrats (YD), met last week to elect a new set of leaders to bring the group forward to meet the exciting challenges lying ahead.

Under the YD Charter, the Council comprising of the President, Vice-President and Honorary Secretary are elected once every two years. The officers will lead the youth wing to further the aims and objectives of the Singapore Democrats.

Confessions of a Singaporean protester: Belief in the cause helped overcome my fear

05 October 2006

To be perfectly honest I had feelings of anxiety before and also at beginning of the rally on 16 Sept 2006. It was fear mostly of the unknown such as what will happen during the protest and what to do during and after we were arrested.

Confessions of a Singaporean protester: I found out what it means to be a citizen

16 September 2006

Below is the account of Teoh Tian Jing who was one of the protesters at the Empower Singaporeans Rally and March that led to a standoff with the police from 16-19 Sep 06.

As I begin to pen down my thoughts, I cannot help but recollect the faces I'd seen during the last 4 days, as they flash repeatedly across my mind like a slide projector running images in a quiet, dark room.

Government needs to stop blaming young Singaporeans for their economic woes

17 August 2006

The Young Democrats urge the government to help young Singaporeans financially instead of blaming them for their current economic woes.

Tackle problem facing lower wage earners

12 July 2006

The Young Democrats urge the Government to take immediate action to reform and improve the economic system to benefit the lower income earners in Singapore.

Dr Chee's contempt case and its implications for S'porean Youths

31 March 2006

Young Democrats expressed regret and anger over the action of the High Court in the sentencing of Dr Chee, the Secretary General of SDP. In finding Dr Chee in contempt of the court, the judiciary has shown that it is "intolerant" of dissenting views.