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Singapore should adopt press code like in Bosnia

03 January 2006

Singaporean activist Mr Warren Eswaran recently traveled to Bosnia to attend a seminar for young activists. The Singapore Democrats had nominated Mr Eswaran for the seminar, which took place in December 2005. The subject of study was freedom of speech and was organised by the Young Liberals of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Below is Mr Eswaran’s comments. (See also SDP activists attend free speech workshop in Sarajevo).

Young Democrats and friends visit Sweden

18 October 2005

A team of Young Democrats and activists from Singapore recently visited Sweden in a one-week exchange programme. The trip was organised by the Sweden-Singapore Initiative for Democracy (SSID). Ms Chee Siok Chin, Mr Michael Cheng, Mr Jonathan Siow, Mr Priveen Suraj, and Mr Charles Tan arrived in Stockholm on 17 August 2005 and were immediately involved in a series of meetings and discussions with the Swedish counterparts. Below is their report.

Asian democrats declare support for each other

08 October 2005

The first biennial World Forum for Democratization in Asia (WFDA), which took place in Taipei from 15 to 17 September this year, was an enriching experience for a young democrat like me. Organised by a group of pro-democracy Asian including the Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia of which Dr Chee Soon Juan is the chairman, the WFDA is a major regional initiative aimed at promoting and institutionalizing democracy in this part of the world.

Stop using the lousy excuse that we are helpless citizens

02 September 2005

The Singapore Democrats recently nominated Ms Serene Chua, a young Singaporean activist, to attend two back-to-back conferences in Sweden in July this year. One was the congress of the youth wing of the Liberal Party and the other was the Dag Hammarskjsld International Youth Peace Assembly (IYPA) in Jsnksping, Sweden.

Young Democrat President in Brussels

01 August 2005

The SDP recently sent Young Democrats President Charles Tan for the internship programme organised by the Alliance of Liberal Democrats of Europe (ALDE). The internship lasts for 5 weeks. The programme is open on a rotational basis to member parties of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) of which the SDP is one. The next opportunity for a Young Democrat to be posted to Brussels will be mid 2006. Below is Mr Tan's report.

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