Articles: Young Democrats

Young Democrats gain exposure at CALD Youth Festival

02 September 2013

Singapore Democrats

Two of our Young Democrats (YDs), Mr Clarence Zeng and Ms Cheryl Tay, attended the five-day CALD Youth Festival 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event consisted of a four-day programme revolving around political freedom and democracy in Asia, as well as a meeting on the final day with the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) Executive Committee.

Can, and should, the government sue citizens for defamation?

22 August 2013

Alvin Ong

There has been much discussion on the defamation suit brought by the Council for Private Education (CPE), a statutory body under the Ministry of Education, against blogger and student, Ms Han Hui Hui. This raises the question as to whether the Government should sue citizens for defamation.

Protests and how they serve us, the people: Part 2

12 August 2013

Jagwinder Singh

In Part 1 of my piece, I talked about how protests served the interests of the people in that they allowed us to hold the government accountable. Skeptics, however, say that curtailing of our fundamental freedoms will not lead to anything serious.

YD to SLA: Withdraw "mischievous" and "irresponsible" allegation

10 August 2013

Singapore Democrats

We are glad that the SLA acknowledges the facts and data presented in our reply. However, the latest SLA response to my statement insists that there is no intention to evict Pulau Ubin residents. If, indeed, there is no such intention, then why the need to assess their eligibility for resettlement benefits?

Census survey or eviction letter - let the people judge

06 August 2013

Singapore Democrats

The Facebook post from SLA has said that the Young Democrats' (YD) report of our visit with the residents at Pulau Ubin is "mischievous and irresponsible". We disagree. Our report is based on oral interviews with the residents and the documents they presented to us.

YDs visit Pulau Ubin to look into development issues

31 July 2013

Singapore Democrats

The Young Democrats (YD) set out on a trip to Pulau Ubin in May this year to look into the concerns of the residents there following media reports about the development of an adventure park on the island.