Articles: Young Democrats

Protests and how they serve us, the people: Part 1

17 July 2013

Jagwinder Singh

In the past few months, Singapore’s political landscape has witnessed an enthusiastic and passionate involvement of the people in the discussion of our nation’s future.

There have been calls on the social media for the Government to re-think its implementation of the Population White Paper, in the face of the increasing strain placed on existing infrastructure and the social fabric by unbridled immigration.

What the SDP means to us

15 July 2013

Jeremy Chen, Jagwinder Singh and Clarence Zeng

We, as members of the Young Democrats, would like to share with you a little about our party, its principles and what they mean to us. We joined the SDP and remain actively involved in it because of what the party stands for: Civil rights/human rights, democracy and the well-being of Singaporeans. Let us clarify what each of the three mean to us in greater detail.

Reducing defence spending while minimizing the impact on capability development

18 June 2013

Jeremy Chen

I would like to add to Bryan Lim's Perspectives piece  Do we need to spend so much on arms? Having been in the defence industry, I am reasonably familiar with what we call "defence development". Singapore has very well structured defence development plans. Adopting a project management perspective, our plans are intricate, well-structured and each milestone builds on previous milestones.

We need to continue to speak up

21 May 2013

Kenneth Lin

Have you ever wondered how Speakers' Corner came to be? If you thought it was the result of a kind-hearted Government handing to us because it respected our civil liberties, you're wrong. The government would rather we keep quiet about all our unhappiness and keep it that way for as long as possible.

Young Democrats participate in regional workshop on climate change

16 May 2013

Clarence Zeng

In the last several years, local environmental NGOs have been making important contributions to the debate on climate change. Recently, the Nature Society of Singapore produced a position paper on the effects of tampering with the Bukit Brown Cemetery ecology.

We remember

20 February 2013

Clarence Zeng

Young Democrats Brendan Chong, Clarence Zeng, Jagwinder Singh with Dr Poh Soo Kai and Dr Vincent Wijiesingha. Credit: Lawrence ChongThe Young Democrats who helped with the event on 2 February 2013 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Operation Coldstore attended a reunion lunch with the members of the now defunct Barisan Sosialis.

It wasn't a grand reunion lunch, but it was definitely a very big and lively one. I had counted about 20 tables of nine to ten people seated at each table. And people were actually roaming from table to table, to rekindle old friendships, to say hi again, and to talk about old times.