SDP sends congrats to Taiwanese President Chen

President-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian
& Vice-President-elect Ms Annette Lu
Democratic Progressive Party
via fax: 886 2 2393-2150

Dear Mr Chen and Ms Lu,

On behalf of the members of the Singapore Democratic Party, let me congratulate you on your historic victory in the elections. The mandate that you received, despite the pre-election threats from mainland China, is an unmistakable and signal message that the people of Taiwan wanted political change after being ruled by one party for more than 50 years.

When we met in Taipei a few weeks ago, you had indicated that democratic ideals have been, and still are, the guiding principles for the DPP’s existence and mission. It must be richly fulfilling that you have managed to win the hearts and minds of Taiwanese by adhering to the values of democracy.

In this regard, not only have you won democracy for Taiwan but indeed for Asia as well. Your presidency, made more significant by the struggles that Taiwanese dissidents have had to endure during the autocratic days of the Kuomintang, will surely be a beacon for the rest of us in Asia still toiling under undemocratic regimes.

May the common aspirations between our parties and those of our partners in the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats continue to strengthen. Once again, our heartfelt congratulations to you, the DPP and the Taiwanese people on your ascendancy to the presidency.

Yours sincerely,

Chee Soon Juan

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