National Day Rally

The SDP has applied for a public license to stage a National Day Rally on August 26, 2001, Sunday, at the Yio Chu Kang Stadium. The application was made on July 18, 2001.

SDP Assistant Secretary-General Wong Hong Toy has written to the Licensing Division to ask the Police to issue the license without further delay. This is because with less than two weeks to go before the event, the Party needs to embark on a publicity blitz. Time is also needed to co-ordinate the services and equipment that go into staging the rally.

The SDP questions the time taken for the authorities to grant the permit for the event. Is it necessary to take more than three weeks to decide on whether to issue the license, especially when similar events have been staged there in the recent past? Or is the Government deliberately trying to delay the license to make it harder for the SDP to organise and publicise the rally?

Given the seriousness of the economic troubles that Singapore is undergoing and that the General Election is due to be held soon, this rally will be critical for the SDP to get its message across to the people.

Cheo Chai Chen

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