We need more opposition in Parliament

Dear Dr Chee

Perhaps you could help Singaporeans fight for our right to vote. Currently as I understand, it is a “privilege”. Perhaps it is time our voting system is challenged.

Many countries around us get to vote for a leader who then decides his/her cabinet e.g. Japan, Indonesia, USA, UK to name a few. Why can’t we be given the same right? I wonder when Singaporeans will get to vote as others in the world do.

Government leaders like to say that they are the “best” there is, and that they are “voted” into power. But, really, how many of us get to vote? I think I speak for many Singaporeans when I say that election day is another holiday because many constituencies are simply walk-overs.

Not many country run elections like ours, could we be the one and only unique country, I wonder? Many countries have opposition parties with significant number seats in the parliament. What about ours? Singapore, a “unique” place resided by “unique” people. We are not even allowed to consume chewing gum!

I just want to wish you and the SDP all the best in the coming elections.

A fellow Singaporean

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