Gandhi Ambalam Released

Mr Gandhi Ambalam, the SDP leader who was jailed with Dr Chee Soon Juan for offences committed outside the Istana on May 1 this year, is out from prison undergoing medical treatment.

Throughout his trial, Mr Gandhis lawyer, Mr Ling How Doong who is also SDPs chairman, highlighted the medical condition of his client who was awaiting treatment by a heart specialist.

At the end of the trial on Wednesday, Mr Gandhi, together with Dr Chee decided to go to jail rather than pay the fines.

Following the jailing, Mr Gandhis family members who visited him at the Queenstown Remand Prison, realized that it was not safe for him to seek medical attention while under detention.

It was clear from the second day of his detention that the prison authorities were not dispensing the right medicine to Mr Gandhi and the family decided at his pre-arranged appointment with his heart specialist should not be left in the hands of prison staff.

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