Not fooled by the PAP

I was brought up believing that the PAP is doing a fantastic job of governing Singapore. But when I entered the workforce, I discovered there are many flaws in the way the government rules.

And due to the hardworking members of SDP selling informative newspapers, books at Tampines MRT, I grabbed a copy, did some research on the Internet. I found out there is little distinction between PAP and communism except during polling day. The problem is that during polling, voters are likely to be intimidated.

During my trip to work, I had passed by Tampines MRT on 5th Oct 7pm. I saw SDP including Dr Chee selling his newly published book. I was awed by the tremendous effort and sacrifice they had made trying to improve Singapore. I’m sure SDP will be successful in the coming election. I would like to applaud the efforts made by SDP to promote true democracy in Singapore. Keep up the good work!


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