Utterly Lame

9 March 2002

My heart goes out to you on hearing that the courts have turned down your application for QCs. The reasons put forth by Judicial Commissioner Tay Yong Kwang are lame and utterly disgraceful.

It seems to me that this time round, he has failed to discredit the 2 lawyers of your choice by way of their conduct in the eyes of the judiciary here, and chose instead to question the necessity for their appointments. If it is unnecessary, then why wasn’t this the reason given for the rejection of Mr Littlemore as your QC in your initial application? I am sure that deep down, many Singaporeans and international observers who are following this case closely are interested to know.

To me at least, it is irrelevant whether your lawyers are QCs or not. And if your case is not deemed complex enough, I can’t think of any other that qualifies