Use media against the PAP

9 April 2002

Dear Dr Chee,

Hi to you and your party.

I applaud your actions and your courage to stand against this authoritarian government. Why I resist joining your party is because I don’t see enough being done on your side.

I voted for your party in Hong Kah and I am very dissapointed to see such a result.

I have just watched the CNN’s interview with Dr. Chee and applaud his direct answers to the questions. In this short interview there were so many topics touched on and what intrigued me was the question on media.

Why is SDP not using Straits Times to their own advantage? For example, two days after polling day, the Straits Times, under Apologies section, said that Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee didn’t promise to build a hospital but only mentioned it to the cabinet.

Just recently, the headlines in Straits Times read “PAP MPs To Vote with Conscience.”

And then, Mr Tan Soo Khoon spoke on the budget and the 7 wonders of Singapore.

Why don’t you cut these articles out and show them during your rallies? Even if the election is 4-5yrs from now it will be of much use. Then you can ask Singaporeans: Do you want to vote for a government who has to be told to vote with conscience?

Dr Chee himself has said how much the media affects Singaporeans. So use the media against the PAP. It’s free.

Before I sign off, I hope Dr Chee will remember to bring up topics on GLCs and Statutory Boards. These companies employ so many Singaporeans. Do you think they will vote against the PAP when their rice bowls are there?

Bring up the topic of why retired colonels/generals must be placed as chairman, directors or even board members of companies in which they do not have any experience.

I really think our opposition parties should firstly be more organised. I truly hope SDP will be a force to be reckoned with.

J Tan

Again, parts of this letter had to be edited out because of the use of defamation laws by the PAP. Apologies.

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