Action worthy of recognition

4 May 2002

I write in admiration of Dr Chee, Mr Gandhi and all the members of the SDP. Your persistence and insistence on bringing democracy and human rights issues to the forefront of Singapore politics is worthy of recognition by all Singaporeans.

I have no formal political affiliations, but I am a keen observer of Singapore politics, and certainly exercise my votes very wisely. I also follow both sides of the political spectrum to keep a balanced view of what is really going on.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that the actions initiated on Labour Day by Dr Chee and his team will bear fruit one day, in whatever form it may take in the future. Even if it means just changing the policies and mindsets of the PAP government, it would have been a worthy victory in itself. (Admittedly, you can’t expect them to give you any credit though)

Keep it up. For a spectator, nothing is more exciting than to witness a good showdown!


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