Be Strong

9 May 2002

I want Dr. Chee Soon Juan to know that a lot of Singaporeans are behind him inspite of his arrest. The arrest is expected as only a repressive regime would do this sort of thing.

In Africa, tyrants and dictators employ goons and thugs with AK47. In South America, opponents are taken away in the middle of the night and never to be seen again. Here in Singapore, legal terrorism is the law of the land. At every election, the PAP hijacks the mandate to rule with legal terrorism.

Here is my message…Dr. Chee, be strong! I have no doubt that someday you will be the Prime Minister of Singapore and expose all the things which the PAP has covered up over the years.

My heart goes out to your wife. I want her to know that I will be praying for her and your unborn child. May God give you and your family the strength and greater conviction to carry on with the good cause.

The PAP may make you a bankrupt, but the PAP cannot take away your fighting spirit. May God help you in your battle.

Roland Soh

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