Wake up, Singaporeans!

9 May 2002

I have just been watching CNN. An interview took place with Mr.Chee Soon Juan. I am really suprised to see that there is somebody with b**** in Singapore to actually stand up to Lee Kuan Yew.

I have lived in Singapore for 11 years, am of English origin, have a Singapore wife, but after years of having a company in Singapore, making jobs for Singaporeans etc., I think I am one of many that in the end had to throw in the towel for being a decent “Ang Mo” trying to make a living and being part of a community in probably what must be as I rate the most “racist, anti-everybody, uptight” country on earth.

Hopefully, freedomists will knock BG Lee into the hedges forever and start a new re-think. I now live in Thailand. A much better country, more risk maybe, but more opportunity too. How the hell will Singapore survive the future?

Singapore, you have got to wake up, do it now or you are finished. Hong Kong will become just another part of China, do you lot want to become just the old finance centre of Malaysia? What options have you got?

For your own sakes you must stand up and fight for what is right. Don’t be scared, follow Dr.Chee. I’d love to meet this guy for a chat.

Rick Francis

Note: Parts of this letter was edited out as the PAP leaders would sue if they read it. Apologies to the author and reader

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