“We should consider implementing more individual choice for students, rather than forcing them to jump through new and higher hoops to get the same old certificates.”
Chen Jiahao, Straits Times, Nov 30, 2002.

“Why is it impossible to imagine a Sengkang School for Human Rights, or a Bukit Batok school for Leaders of the Fututre?”
Educator Joyceln Woo calling for an alternative education system to nurture the less academically-inclined, Straits Times, Dec 3, 2002.

“Our universities must become engines of growth for our economy.”
Minister of State for Education Dr Ng Eng Hen, Straits Times, May 22, 2002

SDP NewsWatch : Singaporeans can talk until the cows come home but guess who always has the last say? Without opposition in parliament nothing can change.

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