Issues to raise

7 June 2002

This is with regards to some issues that I have noticed lately which I sincerely wish someone would take issue with the proper authorities: One, The Straits Times (June 8, 2002)reported that “LTA car-auction steal: A $1,800 Toyota.” My question here is very simple. What right has the LTA to effect a sale over the ownership of the vehicle without prior consent of the owner simply because the owner failed to pay his/her road tax. I feel that, as a car owner (unfortunately I’m not), the individual’s right has been violated.

Two, a MediaCorp artist (Angela De Cruz) had a go ahead from the authorities to perform the liver surgery, the donor being her boyfriend. However another lesser-known lady died when the authorities did not give a similar approval for her liver transplant. I have read the response given by the authorities in the “Today” paper. Right away I felt that the Indian lady was not even given a chance despite offers from people to save her life (a distant relative and a monk had offered to donate their livers to the Indian lady). I personally feel that our system has failed us.

Three, I have noticed that when our cabinet conducts a sitting in parliament, our representatives merely wear a jacket over their shirts. Some would wear the three-piece suits but without the tie. I feel that our representatives in the cabinet do not show much respect for Parliament, being the highest office in the land. This is in stark contrast to other parliamentary meetings in the West.

Jiew Lim

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