Before and after elections

The SDP has obtained the following letter which has apparently been circulated by employees at the Subordinate Courts.

Observation by members of the public before elections, Government promised:

1. More jobs
2. Better lives
3. Better housing
4. More commitment from a caring government
5. Incentives for having babies

After Elections: PRO-MISSED (PROfessionally-Missed)

1. GST up (66.67% increase)
2. More ERPs (despite protests)
3. Night ERP
4. Petrol up
5. Carpark up
6. Cigarettes up (none of my business)
7. Insurance up
8. Ministers, MPs and useless idiots’ pay up
9. Stupid seat belt law to get more $
10 Premature babies treated like rubbish by government
11. Poor widow kena screwed by HDB
12. MRT & bus fares up
13. Residential telephone UP (18th Jun 02 news)
14. Our pay no up
15. Power up +7% (wef 1st July 02)
16. Our morale UPside-down

P.S.: Do you know that : Bus companies will start to pay for ERP too? No wonder fare increase. Additional revenue for government.

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