Dont be fooled

28 July 2002

I refer to this Straits Times article on the purchase of the SingTel stocks by its CEO and CFO.

This is a sad reflection of the management of the company. They can say what they like about their company, what being the no.1 in this and no.1 in that, but the fact remains that their stock price is soon becoming a penny stock! Surely the stock price is a reflection of the state of the company. That rule has always been the case in the US stock market.

And let us not be fooled by the PAP’s explanation that Spore is any different. They talk so grandly about how Spore is “short” of people as if they are the only smart people around. So the rest of us are idiots?

Look at the state of our economy. So they blame it on the US? On Sep 11? What else? And when our economy did well did they attribute it to the US economy? If they are so good, they should stop using excuses.

You guys would be wise to use these in your campaign to unseat the PAP. Wake up the people of Spore that there is more to life than just PAP.


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