IFLRY statement on the International Youth Day – August 12th:

On the occasion of the International Day of Youth the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) would like to remind world leaders and the entire international community of “the continued deterioration of the status of youth worldwide, who face growing levels of unemployment, poverty, armed conflict, epidemic diseases, functional illiteracy and substance abuse – among other social and economic challenges – despite global advances made in technologies, entrepreneurship development, medical research, leisure and recreation facilities”

We all live in a world influenced by globalisation, the results of which can be seen all around us. As advocates of a society based on tolerance, democracy, respect of human rights and a free-market economy, we express our strong conviction that the implementation of these basic principles will create a global atmosphere of understanding and prosperity. The positive effects of globalisation must be embraced, not rejected. At the same time, equal opportunities must remain a guiding principle that should be guaranteed to everyone, regardless of their age, background or orientation.

Younger generations can and should have a leading role in societies of today and tomorrow. Young people have already raised their voice and expressed their concerns, their needs and their vision. Numerous documents adopted by national and international youth organisations can serve to guide the world of tomorrow. The Braga Youth Action Plan and the Dakar Youth Empowerment Strategy, two of such documents, need due understanding and implementation.

IFLRY, a Federation of over 80 member organisations lead by young people who work with great enthusiasm to improve today’s living conditions and provide a better future for all of humanity, calls on all young people and youth organisations, as well as senior generations and governments, to join their efforts to empower young people worldwide. We need the empowerment – NOW!

Brussels, August 12th, 2002

For further information please contact:

Emil Kirjas
IFLRY President
emil@iflry.org or

the IFLRY Secretariat

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