GCTs ND rally speech and being No. 1

16 September 2002

PM Goh said: “Here, I’m the No 1 wife. Elsewhere, I’m the concubine.” Firstly, we are so self-centred that even for this we must be no.1!

Secondly, in our self-centredness, we are so pathetically ignorant of the outside world? Are Singaporeans who have emigrated less than no. 1 in say the U.S., Australia, NZ, etc? Just you wait and see: Someone of Singaporean descent may become the President or PM of one of those countries in the future.

Thirdly, if I am making the kind of money that the ministers are making, I too would be hanging around. I would definitely fight and die for Singapore. No kidding.

PM Goh also said: “The more the Government provides for Singaporeans, the higher their expectations of what the Government should do…They also measured a government by whether it met their infinite material wants.”

All this is a result of the PAP reaping what they have sown. They threatened helpless voters that if they are not voted in, there will be no HDB upgrading, no MRT lines, no new pavements, etc. for these “ungrateful” voters. How else do you expect Singaporeans to respond? (Here we are also No. 1. in being the only country to employ such tactics, where candidates can threaten helpless voters and get voted in.)

It is very telling of the Singapore environment that when I write this response, I have no b**** to sign my name off, but I’m just one of us. How can I have b**** with the PAP suing and charging the opposition all the time.

No, Singapore has a long way to go before it matures.

By the way, I seriously think many overseas Singaporeans will return and fight for Singapore if the environment, or shall we say the guards, change. And by changing guards I don’t mean changing a Goh for a Lee. I mean changing the whole lot of them!


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