Where does SDP stand on freedom of speech and religion?

16 September 2002

First of all, I just want to say that SDP has opened my eyes to reality, just like waking up from THE MATRIX and seeing the real world for the first time.
Anyway, I am a young Malay Muslim and would just like to know what the SDP are doing to ensure “quality and freedom to speak and practice your religion.

I will not even bother asking the PAP what it thinks. They are anti-freedom of speech; the Speakers Corner needs a license for Gods sakes. It is just stupid isnt it? It is like saying “free gift” when they is no such thing as “free gift” because a “gift” is already supposed to be free!

I am very interested in SDP beliefs but I need to know where my race and religion stands in all this. Will we be equal with the rest? Race and religion are extremely important to me as they are the main pillars of my life. I sincerely hope that SDP doesnt turn out like another PAP.


SDP: We have always maintained that freedom to practice ones religion is the crucial to an open and democratic society. This freedom is enshrined in our Constitution. Citizens of this country must have the right to freely express their religious faiths, especially when they dont infringe upon the rights of others.

We have spoken up strongly on this issue and have taken the PAP to task on its discriminatory policy of not allowing Muslim girls to wear their tudung to school.

If Singapore is going to guard itself against racial and religious trouble, it is imperative that various sectors of society, racial and religious groups included, speak up freely and openly debate their concerns.

As long as one does not resort to violence, or advocates violence, one must be able to voice ones views freely and openly. Ironically, it is the suppression of views over a long period and not open debate as the PAP would have us believe that will pull our society apart. Open and frank debates lead to a society more tolerant and diverse, and ultimately more stable and peaceful.

The SDP regards all races and religions equal as our past actions and statements have demonstrated. When the rights and interests of one group are threatened by the PAP, the others must speak up. This is the duty of every Singaporean.

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