Charge ISA detainees in court: SDP

The Singapore Democrats call on the Government to expedite their investigations of the latest arrest of 21 Singaporeans for their alleged roles in terrorist networks.

If there is evidence against those arrested, they must be made public and the suspects charged in court. No citizen of this country should be convicted and imprisoned without allegations being presented and tried in a court of law.

The SDP also questions why the announcement of the arrests was made only one month after the fact. If Singapore is going to be governed with confidence based on the rule of law, such secret and unconstitutional arrests and detentions must not be allowed.

The rule of law must prevail. If those arrested are found guilty of supporting terrorism and plotting violence, then they must face the full of extent of the law. Only the judiciary, and not the executive arm of the government, is empowered to do this under the Singapore constitution.

Chee Soon Juan

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