Young Democrats represented at regional conference

The SDPs youth wing has been invited to attend a young leaders conference in the Philippines from 22-28 September 2002. The conference will be conducted in two sections: the first is to be held in Manila and the second will take place in the mountain resort of Baguio city.

Organised by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) of which the Singapore Democrats is a member, the conference is aimed at bringing together youth leaders from across Asia to learn about the democratic process.

A pan-Asian youth network made up of the participating parties has been suggested. Ms Fernus Lim, a recent addition to the YD, will attend the conference. Im looking forward to bringing Singapores experience to the conference and sharing it with other democratic youth leaders. Im also sure that I will have much to learn from them.

Among some of the topics that will be discussed will be the role that the youth can play in developing and strengthening democracy within their respective countries as well as throughout the region, and how they can be involved in the policy-making process.

YD President, Mr Bryan Lim, added: The Young Democrats look forward to playing its role to building up a regional body of young democratic leaders. We need to support each other to make democracy a staple in our political diet. It will be an important conference for Fernus to attend.

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