Internet is where you should fight

28 September 2002

Dear SDP,

I am a frequent reader of your web articles. I know it’s tough where you are standing and honestly I cannot see a solution out of this. Remember with more than 75% of the votes, the ruling party is LAW. And you cannot fight that.

But the battle is about winning. It doesn’t matter how you win, you gotta win. It seems that the only battle ground is the Internet and foreign press. The foreign press is tough. They don’t cover you frequently enough.
Internet is viable so it is very difficult to control. A couple of
suggestions are:

(1) SDP website is extremely difficult to find –
You should register,,,, etc.

(2) Produce some rich media content with video message. Singaporeans cannot read very well or don’t care enough to read. It allows you to express emotion in your message.

(3) Host your server out of Singapore. You need to fall out of Singapore’s
jurisdiction. I think you know why.

Lastly, it’s sad to also accept the fact that Singaporeans is a pitiful lot. They don’t fight nor like uncertainty, very gullible and selfish. Alas, if you find this bunch of people worth fighting for, you need to plan strategy to win.

K Tan

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